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Who we are: We are sons and daughters of the Most High, filled with hope, faith, love, and the Spirit of God. We are spreading the exciting truth about the grace of God and the message of Salvation through our clothing brand: We will wear our faith out loud for all to see, for we are not ashamed of the Gospel, and we’ll continue to publicly declare our love for Christ!

Spark a Conversation: Spiritual Hardware was created for believers who want to share a HUGE message in a creative and non-traditional way. Our faith-forward apparel is a conversation starter, and the quoted scriptures, fresh designs, and cool fonts are indeed a plus.  Each product we produce carries a vital message that points to the glory of God, His unconditional love for us, and the ultimate sacrifice of His precious Son (John 3:16). Our Hope is to spark a conversation that will result in an open door to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Clothing: We only use top quality fabric and some of the softest, most comfortable threads in the industry, in hopes that you will wear your Spiritual Hardware apparel over and over again for years to come. We believe the greatest part about our clothing, is the message it carries!

Our Mission: In Mark 16:15, Jesus says to the disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” As believers, our mission is to spread that Good News, and this is is one of the many ways we’ve been called to do it. Join Spiritual Hardware and the A&F Worship Movement to spread the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every way possible!

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